These strange squirrels come from remote and strange forests,where they have lived for centuries,because of environmental changes,these squirrels have undergone different changes in their bodies;there are 5000 strange squirrels,they have escaped in search of new habitats the forest,they began a new adventure!

Hi Strange Humans,I'm Squirrel JR;My 5000 mates and I came here from the weird forest so far from here, we've had an incredible journey,we've come across a lot; we're here for Find a suitable habitat for us we think it is a good place; We hope to have your respectwe can live in the same world in peace;

Yep...and about our appearancebecause ofthe changes in the forest environment, our bodies have also undergone great changes;therefore,we look different from your common squirrels;after our investigations during our travels, we have reason to believe that this Everything is caused by human pollution to the environment; however,we are kind-hearted and hard working, and we hope to change the world environment together with strange human beings.

By the way, if humans don't make the earth a better place, you'll be what we are; sounds like that's not bad either. . . lol

The project will always be committed to the cause of global environmental protection. In the future, we will donate most of the project proceeds to environmental protection-related organizations and public welfare undertakings, and work with people from all walks of life to promote global environmental protection.